So long, SoCal

It's been a while since my last trip recap because,'s been a while since we've gone anywhere noteworthy.  We just got back from seven glorious days in Encinitas, California.  Why Encinitas?  The Mr. used to spend summers there, where his best friend's dad had a sprawling house overlooking the coast.  I was obviously friends with the wrong people ;-)  A few years ago, the dudes started their own tradition of taking a dude-bro surf trip out to Encinitas.  This year, the Mr. wanted to bring us crazy gals along & so we decided to make it a family vacation.  

It was a great trip, albeit a little less relaxing than vacations used to be (side-eyeing Quinn).  The SoCal weather was perfect, the waves were epic, & above all else we LOVED experiencing everything thru Quinn's eyes.  Parenting a toddler has its moments, but I'm being honest when I say that it's truly a pleasure & privilege to be raising this spunky little gal (minus the meltdowns).

We rented a cottage just a couple blocks from one of the beautiful beaches.  In between, we explored La Jolla/the Cove, Carlsbad & Solana Beach.  We took Quinn to the Aquarium and a gorgeous Botanic Garden (where there was an amazing tree house for kids that Quinn was obsessed with; we had to literally throw her over our shoulders to carry her kicking & screaming out of there).

We ate our weight in fresh-caught seafood, dining al fresco 95% of the time.  Quinn developed a love for salmon sashimi (raw) & shrimp.  And of course, we clocked in plenty of beach time.  

By far my favorite time of each day was after dinner when we'd gather up a couple towels, a bucket of beach toys, the Mr.'s surfboard & trot down to the beach to watch the sunset.  There were only a handful of us, all spread out, each winding down from our respective days.  Seeking the calming energy of the ocean washing ashore & the invigorating salty evening breeze.

{Some of these are from my Instagram}

The perils of wearing anything strapless around a toddler 
(I forgot my halter strap back at the cottage) ;-)

I had the pleasure of popping into Bixby & Ball, a chic lifestyle boutique with the coolest storefront, while we were in Solana Beach's Design District.  Co-owner/interior designer Melissa & I have been Instagram friends for a while & I'm so thrilled that I had a chance to meet her.  Instagram worlds colliding!  She is just as fabulous/hilarious in person; there was a bit of poking fun at ourselves & our InstaWorld ;-)  Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to welcome us, chat & laugh with us, M!! (We couldn't resist buying a rad mirror for the mudroom from Bixby & Ball.  This design addict could've have spent many hours/moola there.)
Steps away is SoLo, another must-go for the design/vintage-obsessed (moi).

There were even a couple of urgent care visits sprinkled in.  Aside from me spraining my ankle on Day 5 & the Mr. gashing his forehead (requiring 5 stitches) on Day 7 when his surfboard fell on him after riding a phenomenal wave, it was a pretty perfect vacation ;-)

Hope your summer is swell so far!

A sparkling sip

My lovely friend Kayla of A Delightful Place to Dwell & KR Dixon Designs invited me over to partake in her inspiring Blogger Style Files series.  I chat about my design style, my faves, & why I blog--too much fun!  Thanks so much for having me, my friend :-)  Now, how do we get together for an epic playdate?!?

One might infer by now that I like wine.  I like it a lawt.  If this is surprising, Hello there, you must be new. Pleased to meet you.

While I'm no wine connoisseur, I do know that I prefer robust red wines.  Though when summer rolls around with its sultry temps, I find myself craving something a bit frostier.  I've tried so many white wines all across the budget but was never a fan of any.  Then a few years ago, I had Prosecco (Italian sparkling white wine, bubbly & somewhat dry) at a friend's bridal shower & well, YES.  Like bubbly little stars dancing on the tongue. There's just something celebratory about it and I love breaking it out for festive occasions.  

Or you know, at 5:00 4:30 3:00 pm on any random summer day.

I usually prefer Prosecco as is or I'll drop some frozen berries in (to keep it chilled without watering it down, a trick I learned from my sister-in-law).  At a recent gathering, I set out some berry hibiscus lemonade for the non-drinkers & a friend added a splash to her glass of Prosecco.  

It was such a refreshing, simple cocktail that I thought would be a fun addition to any celebration.  It's fitting for July Fourth, sort of a sparkler of a cocktail; an abstract of red, white & blue thanks to the berries (especially if you leave out the pink lemonade).  There's even unexpected fizzy 'fireworks' when the frozen berries plop in.  (I need to buy proper glasses for bubbly.)

Frozen fruit.  I cut the stars from a pluot which is a hybrid of a plum & apricot.
They're delicious.  Quinn devours two a day sometimes.  She's quite uh, regular ;-)

Really, I just need any excuse to pop open a Prosecco.  The bubbles give the Mr. a more for me, I guess?  I made a shaky 5-second video of the sparkley-fizzy 'fireworks' that ensue upon dropping the frozen berries in because I was obviously wasted not busy.


If you have a favorite summer time drink, do share.  Happy Summer!
To my American friends, I hope you have a safe & joyful Independence Day!
To my Canadian friends, Happy Canada Day!

Father's Day: golf gift

My sweet & beautiful blog pal Megan has a cool blogger roundup of Father's Day gift ideas & I'm stoked to be one of the contributors!  Take a gander at the inspiring gift guide; it's so good.  Thanks for inviting me to be a part of it, gal!

Clearly I'm having a tough time blogging.  

Perhaps it's these glorious warmer, longer days that have beckoned me away from my computer.  Who am I kidding, like I blogged regularly ever.  Busier people than myself manage to churn out consistent blog posts.  I can explain, really -- hey look behind you! ::runs out of room::

Quinn & I decided to surprise Daddy early for Father's Day since his gift might require some planning in advance on his part.  He's an outdoor enthusiast.  Any gift that relates to hiking, climbing, surfing, skateboarding, mountain biking, kayaking, snowboarding, fly-fishing, camping, golfing etc. would make him happy.*  This Father's Day we gifted him a day of golfing fun.  Over the past couple of years, finding the time to golf has been a challenge for him.....we wanted to give him a day of: sleeping in, playing 18 holes of golf, hanging with his buddies (no early curfew ha!).  

Titleist did not sponsor this post :-D
I was inspired by this super fun DIY.  So Quinn & I presented him with a bucket of new golf balls & a makeshift scorecard alluding to his gift (instead of a gift certificate since he already has a membership but that would be a fun option, too).  Scribbled with a scorecard pencil, of course.  

I used leftover felt scraps & only had enough to go around the front of the thrift store basket/bucket, oh well.
Quinn calls him Daddy; I call him Dude.  I found a PDF of the scorecard for our local course & printed that, mounted it to cardstock, then attached it to a golf tee with hot glue. 
He also got shiny new balls.  Refraining from ball jokes out of respect for my mother-in-law who does not need any mental images of her son & balls.  I've already said too much.....  
He loved it.  Probably even more so because he'll get a break from us crazy gals for a whole day.  (For the record, he gets plenty of breaks from us ;-)

Knowing me, I probably won't blog again until after Father's Day so......
Happy Father's Day to all of the father figures out there!  Including all of the family members & friends who fill in for dads.  
Thank you for all that you do!!

*I'm outdoorsy, too.  I love drinking outside on patios.

Pillows (you can never have too many)

Many thanks to for including my little closet in their savvy streamlined closets roundup!  A very cool honor, thank you Good Housekeeping!

Lots going on around here, nothing to show for it yet :-(

So hey, look at my new pillows, I guess?

I scooped up some pillows from HomeGoods recently (if I got a dollar for every time I've said that...).  When I discovered HomeGoods in 2007, it was a different, simpler time......I could've walked away from something knowing that there was a good chance it would still be there a few days later.  Now, that thinking is considered crazy talk; just get it or regret it is my HomeGoods motto.  

The pillows are linen embellished with a subtle silver thread design.  
You know how I embrace the neutrals.
My incredible in-laws from Austin sent me daffodil bulbs for Mother's Day.
The daffodil blooms burst from their bulbs within days & it's been fun watching them grow!
It's about to get all dormant orchid up in here.

I styled this vignette with a pop of Hermes orange. ;-)
Someone asked somewhere along the way about these chairs.  
The chairs are supposedly vintage & I found them at a gently used furniture shop in Boulder ~10 years ago.  
I refinished the arms, caning, & legs a few years ago.

The weather's warming up nicely here in Colorado.  We got snow about a week ago which threw everyone for a loop.  I had forgotten to stock up on red wine before the storm, who am I?  

In other news, the longer daylight hours combined with toddler stubbornness have contributed to a 9:30-10 pm bedtime for Quinn these days despite our best efforts to thwart that.  A few months ago she finally started to take longer naps (yay!), but she's not one of those 'long nap takers & go to bed at 7:00 pm' kids (f*$#!).  So what used to be my work/project time has drastically been whittled down.  I'm not complaining nor asking for advice.......just side-eyeing this little diva of ours & lovingly reveling in her spritely little antics.  Maybe occasionally yelling my frustrations into a pillow.  Hey, maybe even one of those pillows up there!  Talk about a good buy.

Have a sweet week, friends!